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Ever wondered why real estate sales is so hard?

Why lead generation feels like being held over the side of a cliff and you’re supposed to like it?

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Feel like you never catch a real break?

That’s because you’ve been taught all the wrong things.

And we can prove it.

Danielle Mapes real estate sales coach
Director of Coaching and Development Programs
The Real Estate Prescription

Founder and owner Danielle Mapes has coached, been coached and led coaches in the real estate industry. She comes from a sales background of active production and has coached and consulted agents from 0 – $100M in production.

She has worked on a team, as an individual, as a team owner and on brokerage staff in leadership positions.

She is an active member of the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors on the Education Committee and is tirelessly devoted to supporting the goals of agents across the world with an emphasis on models, systems and authenticity.

All of our coaches, systems and models are held to a high standard of employing current, up-to-date industry best practices, life-long dedication to learning and coaching with empathy. Our goal is that you complete each coaching call feeling good – knowledgeable and motivated to achieve self-mastery!

Danielle combines empathy and accountability like few leaders I have ever worked with. Her level of industry knowledge, technical expertise and devotion to the agents she serves is second to none!

Carey C. – Ann Arbor, MI • $10M Producer

Learn how to turn daily intentional conversations into deals in your pipeline, just like our hundreds of students have IN THIS MARKET!

Real achievement starts with reframing everything you've been taught about success in real estate sales to transform your beliefs on what is possible.

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Helping real estate agents reframe everything they have learned about real estate to smash their long-term goals as quickly as possible while loving their lead generation.

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